You can use Loomerly to make incredible artwork or just for fun. Thank you to our wonderful customers for their continued support.

“This app is actually one of the best for beading. The interface and intuitiveness is so great. The ability to swap out colors, build your own pallet from colors you already own and the image converter is just amazing. I love being able to create any size loom grid as well as decide how many rows you can have of brick stitch to fringe. I highly recommend. Thank you Lui R”
By Luis R 1982 on the App Store

“I have been searching for years for something like this that works on the iPad. Very similar to software that I have for Windows, but with the portability and convenience of iOS. No regrets so far on taking the plunge and unlocking. Thank You So Much For Making This !”
By Visionhorse on the App Store

“This is a great tool for beading design. It is intuitive and easy to use. I like the complete list of Myuki Delica colors to choose from to create custom color palettes for projects. I like to tinker with patterns and the last few designs I could not have done without this tool to help to visualize the result. There are a lot more features that I still need to explore but one of my other favorites is the ‘duplicate’ option that I use to easily copy my designs for creating pattern variations. This is definitely a winner!”
By devaah on the App Store

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