Unleash your creativity with Loomerly. You can convert images or draw your own designs. The possibilities are endless.



Portraits of people and animals can make lovely gifts or an excellent addition to your collection. You can convert any photo in the app, so you can create portraits of:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Influential people


Do you have a beautiful photo from a recent trip? Why not use it to create a pattern? For example:

  • Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Sunsets
  • The night sky
  • Cities


As well as carving pumpkins, making your own halloween earrings and bracelets with seed beads can be a lot of fun.

You can find lots of images online and convert them in the app. For example, just search for “cute halloween pumpkin”.

Tip: Use White Lined Crystal AB seed beads to catch the light and make parts of your pattern stand out.


Christmas is the perfect time of year to get cosy and create your own seed bead designs.

As well as making decorations, you can also make gifts for loved ones.

More pattern ideas

You can use Loomerly to make all sorts of incredible artwork. What’s more, you won’t need to buy patterns online anymore. Here are some more examples:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Native American loom patterns
  • Celtic loom patterns
  • Aztec earrings
  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • Birthday gifts

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